We’ll Get A Title Later – But If You Blog, You Should Read This 

It's been just a little while but I've gone through quite a number of blogs already and while I was scratching my head on what to post this evening, I had this idea to do a round up of my favorite posts so far.  I didn't know what to call this post hence the title you see (forgive me). I'm really not good at this introduction thingy (or the titling either as you've witnessed firsthand) so I'm going to end it here before I bore someone to sleep. In no particular order - 


The ‘Untameable’ Ones Among Us

The pastor never closed the program on time. On the day he said he'd close by 10am, he closed it by 12 noon, and the next day, he closed it by 2pm. So the day after the next, my sister went to church with a lunch box full of boiled yams and stew. People thought the smell of yam and stew was the 'Holy spirit' announcing his presence in a 'Nigerian way'.